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Our company has two marketing departments to deliver the best customer service, provide all kinds of natural plant extract and offer standard Chinese chemical products for customers all over the world.

Furthermore, we have two natural extract laboratories, one analysis and test center, one pilot production base and two factories, which ensures the plant extracts of various stages of development. Our company enhances the competitiveness of our plant extracts. We are one of China's most outstanding enterprises in plant pharmaceutical industry and therefore well renowned.

Non-genetically modified seeds
Non-genetically modified seeds

Each seed of the Organic barleyGrass is strictlly selected.They received 70 degrees of direct sunlight. (70° is optimal).

Do not use pesticides, fertilizers
Natural farming method

Pure natural ecological cultivation. No chemical pesticides were encountered in the soil for three years.Using organic fertilizer.

Follow the standards for organic food production
Organic barleyGrass with “Identity card”

Our products have passed the organic certification, you never worry about food safety.

PLANTING Organic Agriculture
Quick transport, immediate delivery

Get now!Your order of Organic barleyGrass will be delievered to you without halting to rest!

What is organic plant?

Organic plant planting throughout the process must be in accordance with the mode of production of organic agriculture will be .that is, the entire production process must strictly follow the technical standards for organic food production.

"Namely, the production process of the natural organic plant extracts does not use pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc. of chemical substances, without using genetic engineering techniques, It must also go through the whole process of independent quality organic food certification body control and review. "


We import high half preparation color spectrometers, gas phase color spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, etc. BarleyGrass organic